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We ensure all our products are developed to be as powerful as they can be. Ensuring our products are the best for all your FIFA 22 Ultimate Team needs. 

We work consistently behind the scenes to ensure users are up to date with the latest technology which is key fundamental part of FUTSNIPER. 

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We know features are important to you therefore when updates are made, no additional charges are made. 

Our FUTSNIPER tool has a wide range of features allowing flexibility. This allows you to make more decisions when using the system.  

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Here are a list of features available on our FUTSNIPER 22 tool. Over the recent time we heard your feedbacks and changes were made. 

FUTSNIPER is the future. FUTSNIPER is your tool. FUTSNIPER is here to stay and make you millions whether it is building a dream team or consistent coins.


Automatic Sniping

The main feature of this tool is automatic sniping. Once the filters have been completed and the sniper started, it will automatically attempt to snipe existing players on the transfer market.


Auto Transfer List

When a player is sniped then it will automatically send the card to transfer list. Unless a different rule has been stated on the system. If the transfer list is full then this would fail. 


Auto Transfer Selling

If you have selected to auto sell and have set the price for your sniped players to be sold at then this feature becomes active. Any players sniped will be transfer listed with the selected value.


Captcha Rebel System

Security features are important to ensure that you are safe from EA. Therefore, the system will automatically take breaks after selective searches. This can be adjustable by yourself.


Speed Options

Speed option is considered as a security feature to ensure EA minimise bans. The speed option allows you to choose how many searches you would like to perform considering a minute.



The website application may sometimes show the same results consistently. Therefore, with the accelerator feature running in the background disables the same multiple results to appear. 

Sniping made easy.

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